Caddie&Motion 240L

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  • Electrogalvanized zinc coating with colorless acrylic water, soluble oven, fired varnish.
  • Promotion: Various colors and the communication medium value your identity.
  • Capacity & Modularity: The 10L multifunction seat, the pack holder 20L or the bag hook increase the shopping area and expand your sales.
  • Resistance: The bumper and the lower tray provide long-term resistance.
  • Handling: Front and side handles and composite casters allow released purchase.
  • Silence: Silences composite kits create a peaceful shopping atmosphere.
  • Comfort: The inclined basket allows loading / unloading easy.
  • Security: The product allows maximum visibility at the check-out.
  • Hygiene: The basket bottom consists of a coated steel mesh removing all retention zones.
  • Basket depth: 617 mm.
  • Basket length: 919 mm.
  • Nesting : 285 mm.
  • Line of 10 trolleys: 3760 mm.
  • Plastic basket colour options: Red Ral 3000, Blue Ral 5002, Grey Ral 7016
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